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Arthur Richman (c. 1925 – March 25, 2009) was an American baseball writer at a New York City newspaper who become a sports executive, working in the front office of both the New York Mets and New York Yankees.

Richman was hired by the nascent New York Mets, initially as director of promotions, and later publicity director. He became the teams traveling secretary in 1980 and served in that post until 1988 after making remarks critical of players regarding the share of postseason monies that he was allocated by players. In a 1994 interview, he stated that Nelson Doubleday, Jr., then an owner of the team, had made anti-Semitic statements in his presence.

Here is a list of his positions within the Mets organization.

  • Promotion Director 1966 - 1976
  • Director of Public Relations 1977 - 1980
  • Traveling Secretary 1980
  • Travel Director 1981 - 1988
  • Special Assistant to the General Manager 1982 - 1988
  • Special Assistant to the GM & Team Travel Director (Special Assistant to the GM) 1986-1987