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The Brooklyn Cyclones are one of the Single-A teams in the New York Mets organization. They have been with the organization since 2001. They replaced the Pittsfield Mets. The team currently plays at MCU Park (formerly KeySpan Park from 01'-09').

The team was formed by current Mets owner Fred Wilpon and current Mets President Saul Katz. They both had interest in bring back baseball to Brooklyn after 40 years. The Cyclones are a company of it's current owner and operator Sterling Equities. The team is part of the Sterling Equities baseball family. The company's name is Sterling Cyclones.

Broadcasting[edit | edit source]

TV[edit | edit source]

Sometimes Cyclone games are broadcasted on SNY in Minor League Baseball by Kevin Burkhardt and Bob Ojeda. A special aired of what goes on inside the team which is called The Brooklyn Cyclones: Baseball on the Boardwalk.

Radio[edit | edit source]

WSOU is the current radio network for the Cyclones. WKRB (90.3 FM) was the official radio station of the Cyclones from 01'-11'. Warner Fusselle broadcasted the Cyclones on the radio from 01'-11'. He passed away on June 10,2012 just a week before the start of the 2012 season. He was replaced by David Rind, Vincent Coughlin and Chris Paizis who will split the broadcasting duties.

On Field Entertainers[edit | edit source]

MCs[edit | edit source]

Beach Bums[edit | edit source]

The original "Cyclones Beach Bums" were a promotional team of men and women who entertained the ballpark from 2003 through 2008, were seen all over the ballpark dancing, interacting with fans, and handing out promotional items. In 2009, the team decided to hire an all women dance team to replace the Beach Bums, but still retaining the Beach Bum name.

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All-Time Managers (Mets Era)[edit | edit source]

All-Time Coaches (Mets Era)[edit | edit source]

Year-by-year records (Mets Era)[edit | edit source]


| 2001 || Mets || New York - Penn League || McNamara || 1st || 52 || 24 || .684 || Edgar Alfonzo || New York-Pennsylvania League Champions

| 2002 || Mets || New York - Penn League || McNamara || 4th || 38 || 38 || .500 || Howard Johnson || Did Not Qualify

| 2003 || Mets || New York - Penn League || McNamara || 1st || 47 || 28 || .627 || Tim Teufel || Lost in Finals

| 2004 || Mets || New York - Penn League || McNamara || 1st || 43 || 31 || .581 || Tony Tijerina || Lost in Semi-Finals

| 2005 || Mets || New York - Penn League || McNamara || 3rd || 40 || 36 || .526 || Mookie Wilson || Did Not Qualify

| 2006 || Mets || New York - Penn League || McNamara || 2nd || 41 || 33 || .554 || George Greer || Lost in 1st Round

| 2007 || Mets || New York - Penn League || McNamara || 1st || 49 || 25 || .662 || Edgar Alfonzo || Lost in Finals

| 2008 || Mets || New York - Penn League || McNamara || 2nd || 45 || 30 || .600 || Edgar Alfonzo || Did Not Qualify

| 2009 || Mets || New York - Penn League || McNamara || 2nd || 45 || 30 || .600 || Pedro Lopez || Lost in Semi-Finals

| 2010 || Mets || New York - Penn League || McNamara || 1st || 51 || 24 || .680 || Wally Backman || Lost in Finals

| 2011 || Mets || New York - Penn League || McNamara || 2nd || 45 || 29 || .608 || Rich Donnelly || Lost in Semi-Finals

Uniforms (Mets Era)[edit | edit source]

Since 2001 the uniforms have remained the same since then. Since their inception in 2001 the uniforms in the first season were dedicated to their inaugural season. There are 4 uniforms for the team. There is a white home jersey with Cyclones inscribed in red and the number is in red on the bottom left. The Mets logo is in light blue on the left sleeve. There is no patch on the right on the regular jersey.

The road is grey with Brooklyn Cyclones inscribe on it in light green and blue. The pinstripes are in light green and the sleeves are in blue. The left sleeve has a dark blue Mets patch unlike the home jersey.

The road alternate is grey and red. The shirt is grey and the sleeves are in red. On the front it has Brooklyn inscribed in it in red. The number is in red on the bottom left. There are no patches on the sleeves. On the back is no name of the player except the number in red.

There are several caps as for the home is a dark blue cap with a white B and red C together. The road cap is a two toned cap with dark blue on the top and light blue on the bottom. The B is white and the C is yellow as they are put together. The helmet is black with a B & C on it. The B in white and C in red. For the home alternate is a two toned cap with BC on it. The colors are blue on top and red on the bottom. The B is white and C in red. For the road alternate uniform the cap is red with BC in white.

Mascots[edit | edit source]

Sandy the Seagull[edit | edit source]

The main mascot for the Cyclones is Sandy the Seagull. He has been the mascot since 2001. He is the adoptive father of Pee-Wee. Sandy is named for Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax.

Pee-Wee[edit | edit source]

Pee-Wee is one of the main mascots for the Cyclones. He has been the mascot since 2003. He is the adoptive son of Sandy the Seagull. Pee-Wee was named after Brooklyn Dodgers shortstop Pee Wee Reese.

Maverick the Wonder Dog[edit | edit source]

Maverick the Wonder Dog is the dog mascot for the Cyclones. He has been around only for the 2008 season. He was a real Chocolate Labrador Retriever who was owned by one of the Cyclones staff members. The goal was to have Maverick learn tricks like picking up baseballs and bats. Like the Pelican, Maverick lasted only one season.

Unofficial Mascots[edit | edit source]

Pelican[edit | edit source]

In 2006, the team introduced a new unnamed mascot: a blow-up "ZOOperstars" type pelican. Despite a contest to name the character, it was never given an official name. The Pelican has not made an appearance since the 2006 season. Just like the Maverick the Pelican lasted only for one season.

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