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Fernando Tatis

Fernando Tatís, Jr. (born January 1, 1975) is a utility player who is a free-agent.


Fernando signed a minor league deal with the mets on March 23,2007. He came up with the club in 2008 as he made his day view as a met on May 11. Tatis hurt himself while diving for a ball. That made him miss the rest of the season.


Tatis was one of the 3 Fernando's that the New York Mets had on the Major League Active Roster. The other 2 were Fernando Martinez and Fernando Nieve. See the page here.


He re-signed with the mets to a one year contract worth $1.7 million on January 29.

On June 12,2010, Wright batted as the DH batting 3rd in the lineup against the Baltimore Orioles and was replaced by Tatis who played at 3rd base.

On July 6,2010, the Mets placed Fernando Tatis on the 15-DAY-DL as they called up Raul Valdes.