200px-Jason Bay on June 10, 2010

Jason Raymond Bay (born September 20, 1978, in Trail, British Columbia) is a Major League Baseball outfielder who is a free agent.


He signed with the Mets on December 29 to 4 years and $66 million.


On April 27 Bay hit his first homerun as a Met in the first game of a double-header against the Los Angeles Dodgers. He helped the Mets against the New York Yankees as he hit 2 homeruns. For more see Jason Bay gives the Mets the lift for a win.

On July 30, Jesus Feliciano was re-called up to replace him as he was placed on the DL.

He suffered a concussion in a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers where he ran into a fenced wall and his head jerked back on July 25.


Age: 33 (born September 20,1978)
Position: Left Field
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Number: 44
Acquired: Free Agent Signing
Contract: 4 year $66 million

He returned back to the Mets on April 21. To see the article for his return see Jason Bay Returns.

He was placed on the paternity list on May 3, due to the fact that his wife was giving birth to his 3rd child as they called up Lucas Duda to replace him and then he came back on May 5.

On August 6 he was part of Mets Crack Bats for 4. To see more see Turner,Bay,Thole Spark Fire for NL Wild Card Race.

Grand SlamEdit

On June 28 in a series on the road against the Detroit Tigers. In the 4th inning Bay steeped up to bat with bases loaded and he hit a grand slam to break the Mets No Grand Slam Mets streak. The next inning in the 5th inning with another bases loaded act Carlos Beltran hit one and the Mets won to a score of 14-3. To see more click Mets Roar Tigers.


Bay struggled at the start of the season with hitting just like Ike Davis. But he soon began hitting homeruns in the first road trip in Philly and in Atlanta. On April 24 Bay was placed on the DL with a rib injury. His spot on the roster was replaced by Zach Lutz. He returned on June 6 from the DL. After suffering a concussion in a game against the Cincinnati Reds he was placed on the 7-day DL on June 16 and his spot was replaced by Justin Turner.

He came off the DL on July 17 as Omar Quintanilla was DFA'd.

On November 7 Bay and the Mets agreed to part way with the contract and he became a free agent. However, the Mets still have to pay the rest of the money they owe Bay for the 2013 season.

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