1990:In Philadelphia, the Mets took a 10-3 lead into the ninth inning, but the Phillies opened the inning with seven consecutive singles, followed by a walk, and scored six runs to narrow the Mets lead to one run before the Mets were able to turn a double-play and get a line drive out. Murphy's patience was apparently worn thin by the long inning, and when the game finally ended, he famously exclaimed, "A line drive caught. The game is over. The Mets win it. A line drive to Mario Diaz. And the Mets win the ballgame! They win the damn thing by a score of 10 to 9!",The use of an expletive was so out of character that it was frequently cited as one of his more memorable moments following Murphy's retirement from the booth in 2003 and later when the Mets honored him after his death in 2004.

2008:Argenis Reyes hit his first homerun.

2010:Jason Bay caught a flyball but banged his head by the doors in the outfield as he got hurt and suffered a concussion ending his year when the Mets were playing against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

2012:Rob Johnson was recalled up as Mike Nickeas was sent down.

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