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On August 7,2011 the mets were playing the Atlanta Braves in the finale of a 3 game series after losing on Firday to score of 4-1. Then winning thanks to 4 homeruns by Turner,Bay,Thole as they Cracked 4 bats as they won to a score of 11-7 as the series was tied at 1-1. Then on the 7th the Mets lost to a score of 6-5 in a Tomato Crushing Loss. But troubles were on the way. Here is what happened to the players.

  • Jose Reyes left the game with another hamstring issue and was replaced by Willie Harris. But played at second base and Justin Turner who started at second base moved to shortstop in for Reyes.
  • In the 7th inning Daniel Murphy got spiked by Jose Constanza in a stolen base slide attempt but made it safely. Murph was taken out of the game and Scott Hairston played at second in for Murph white Turner stayed at shortstop. Scott was played Right Field but moved out to second. In response to fill in for Hariston Lucas Duda played in RF.
  • David Wright played shortstop for the first time in his career

Total List of of players at SS and 2B

  • Justin Turner-lead off at 2B
  • Jose Reyes-lead off at SS
  • Willie Harris-Replaced Reyes at played at 2B
  • Justin Turner-moved from 2B to SS in for Harris, Turner lead off at 2B
  • Daniel Murphy-played at 2B in for Harris but taken out in the 7th
  • Scott Hairston-played at 2B in for Murphy who got hurt in the 7th-lead off game in RF
  • Wright-lead off at 3B then played at 2B after Turner moved back to 2B from SS after Harris,Murph,and Scott left
  • Also as a note Lucas Duda came in the game to play RF for Harris who moved to 2B

Roster 8th inning moves

  • Lucas Duda-came in the game to play 1B after playing in RF when Scott moved to 2B
  • Turner-moved back to 2B from SS after Harris,Murphy and Hariston left
  • David Wright-played at SS for the first time in his career as he replaced Turner in SS as he lead off at 3B
  • Nick Evans-lead off the game at 1B moves to 3B after Wright moved
  • Scott moved back to RF where he lead off the game after being moved to 2B when Murph got hurt and then Turner took over

On August 8 the mets called up Ruben Tejada to fill in for Murphy also news came in that Reyes hamstring is fine and is not going to be on the DL. But not so fast as Reyes has been placed on the 15-Day DL along with Murphy. Also Mike Baxter has been called up along with Ruben to take over for Reyes spot on the roster.