New York Mets Wiki

1981:Ron Gardenhire's debut.

1984:Herm Winningham began his career with the Mets.

1998:Jay Payton made his debut with the Mets.

2000:Timo Perez made his MLB debut with the Mets.

2008:Bobby Parnell was called and made his debut.

2009:David Wright came off the DL after being placed on August 16 after being hit in the head on August 15.

2010:See Frenchy Gone, Mets Not.

2011:Miguel Batista got his 100th victory of his career in his first game as a mets against the Florida Marlins in the 5 Game Series.

2011:Also Josh Satin and Josh Stinson were called up as part of the September Callups.

2011:The player to be named later from the K-Rod Trade were Daniel Herrera and Adrian Rosario.

2011:David Einhorn and the Mets deal fell threw.

2012:The Mets called up Mike Nickeas and Zach Lutz as part of the callups in September.