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Shea Stadium, Shea or William A. Shea Municipal Stadium was the New York Mets stadium located in Flushing, Queens, New York. The stadium was built in honor for William Shea who brought back National League baseball back to NY. Shea was the second stadium of the Mets and it replaced the first Mets stadium the Polo Grounds which was torn down in 1963. Shea was around from 1964 until its final season in 2008. Today the stadium is replaced by Citi Field.

The stadium opened on April 17,1964 when the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Mets to a score of 4-3. The crowd during the day was 50,312. The last game was played on September 272008 where the Florida Marlins took the final game away and the Mets were eliminated from the playoffs.

The only all-star game played at Shea was the 1964 All-Star Game. In 1975 both the Mets and Yankees (had renovations at Yankee Stadium) played baseball there. Also the Jets and Giants played at Shea for football.


National League Division Series

The Mets have never lost a NL Division Series. There were only 3 played.

National League Championship Series

The Mets have played 7 NL Championship Series. The Mets lost only 2.

World Series

The Mets have played 4 World Series at Shea and all of them ended at this ballpark


Specials on SNY[]

There are a few specials on the Mets network SNY. Here is the list

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Regular Season

Polo Grounds * Shea Stadium * Citi Field

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